Developer Application

We are excited to start working with other people on car-hacking projects. Right after our Kickstarter campaign ends, we will be shipping out hardware to developers.

Be sure to pick up a "M2 Developer Edition" reward level to be the first to receive hardware!

What does it mean to be a Macchina developer?

We are offering early access to hardware and support in exchange for documenting and sharing a project that uses Macchina M2 with the community. We can help organize and keep track of project findings so everyone can view, learn and understand anything that is discovered. We will also provide a place to share information and host project blogs as needed. Generally, we are here help out with projects. Lastly, as we develop new products, it will be this car-hacking community that will learn about and be involved first.

What do you have to do to be a developer?

Start by picking up the "M2 Developer Edition" reward and if you want, tell us a little about the project you have in mind and maybe a little about your experience and expertise.

Tell us about a pervious project or other relevent experience