Macchina 2.0 is an open source automotive interface that takes the form of a OBD2 dongle. The device consists of all of the interface circuitry to connect to all 5+ of the standard OBD2 protocols and other interfaces (a second CAN bus, LIN bus, single wire CAN, etc).

Macchina 2.0 has several options for connections to the outside world including: SD card, USB, and a 20-pin (sort of standard) XBEE socket. The XBEE socket can accept several modules, including BTLE, WIFI, and CELLULAR and here too and others. In addition to USB programming, a 5-pin serial connection for using external programmer like this.

Macchina 2.0 has several improvements over core reference design (Arduino DUE) including EEPROM, more robust power supply, etc.

Macchina 2.0 will need several power rails to support circuitry, including 5V, 4V (for cell modem) and 3.3V.

Macchina 2.0 will have provisions for other GPIO options that are TBD. This could include a small number of hardened circuitry for 12V switched outputs, Analog inputs, etc..

processor PCB

processor, micro SD, Micro USB, XBEE connector, EEPROM, LED?, LDOs? (5V to 3.3V, 5V to 4V). The goal with this board is to be as general-purpose as possible so that it can be used for other purposes BESIDES an automotive interface processor.

interface PCB

consists of: OBD2 interface circuitry, GPIO connections, battery charger etc. “Automotive” power supply (12V-5V @ ~3A). The goal with this board is to be as processor-independent as possible to allow for other processor boards to be used.