Macchina 2.0 is a complete overhaul of our 1.X generation of Macchina. The goals are still the same: Create an easy-to-use, fully-open, and super-compatible automotive interface.

This time, we have improved processing power, designed a smaller form factor and more communication options. We still have all of the physical interfaces to allow communication to most any car, new and old built in.

Modularity was on the mind when we started out. The lower board houses all of the automotive interface circuitry while the upper board is brains. As technology advances and processors become cheaper, faster, better, and upgrade is as simple as swapping out the top board. As with any successful project, Macchina is iterative. As we work together what works and what doesn't work as well, we roll that into the next revision. The processor for Macchina 2.0 is the SAM3X8E - the same as the Arduino DUE.

Another example of modularity is found in the wireless socket (same as the XBEE "Standard"). Not everyone wants Bluetooth, or wifi or cellular or GPS for their project, but if you do - plug it in.

Yet another example is the automotive connection. While many people prefer the non-invasiveness of connecting to the OBD2 port, others might like to tap into less accessible networks under the hood. Our interface board is available with either type of connector.