M1.0 specifics

M1.0 was our first "release" of Macchina. The CANbus section worked pretty well, but some of the other interface circuits (ISO, J1850) needed some improvements.

Known issues, all of which addressed in M1.1 update:

  1. ISO interface not connected to hardware UART pins on ATmega2560 making code more challenging.
  2. Termination jumpers (SJ9, SJ10) are solder pads, prone to failure if soldered-desoldered many times.
  3. SPI header (ISCP1) not in the same spot as Arduino MEGA, making shield compatibility an issue in some cases.
  4. USB connector (CON2) does not have thru-hole legs, making more fragile.
  5. Dual terminal block (CON3, CON1) setup is not necessary and adds cost.