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And by firmware, we mean the stuff that goes on the microprocessor.

This page will show the status of the libraries we have created or that others have created that works with Macchina.

Macchina is a pretty capable piece of hardware. However, without decent libraries, this hardware doesn't do much. We need your help to take advantage of the OBD2 hardware interface. Here is a summary of the 5 OBD2 protocols and status of library development.

But first, what is a library?

Better explanation that we can do:

It might be cool to have 1 big library for ALL THE ODB2 PROTOCOL, and some fancy auto-detect system, but for now, maybe separate, robust libraries. It would also probably be cool to have libraries be as portable as possible so that they can be easily adopted for use with other processors - not just Atmega 2560.

Ok, how do you make one??

Read this: