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An Attempt at a Blog

We have always wanted to start a daily blog but we don't have the patience, skill set, or time to do the traditional long form blog. Here we will post short snippets and the points of interest we come across. Macchina hardware will not be the main focus of this area, but I'm sure it will come up occasionally.

There may be a fair amount of overlap with reddit's car hacking page, we post over there as much as possible. We started that subreddit because we wanted to prove to ourselves that there are other car nerds out there. Here we want to build something that is a bit more personal and specific. ∎


What is Macchina?

Macchina is a key to unlock the control center of your car. Once you are in, Macchina can then be used to make changes and tweaks to your car. You can do anything from simple projects like stopping that annoying ding to more complex upgrades like unlocking more horsepower or improving fuel economy. Macchina arrives to you as a blank key - you have to cut it yourself. Learning how to cut that key (reverse engineering, writing code, and plain-old tinkering) is the fun and challenging part, but don't worry you can do it, because a community of car nerds already exists.


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